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Do not underestimate the possibilities, ensure your load and give you confidence and confidence in your business. Losses, unforeseen, or poor transportation management can be the end of a company with consequences ranging from long legal procedures that slow financial activity to severe decapitalization. Your freight forwarding agency is responsible for advising all the logistics of transporting your cargo and it is the duty to offer you insurance options that fit the needs of your operations. Just to give an example of what is necessary insurance is in these times we can talk about the climate changes that are affecting the environment worldwide and in very unexpected ways. Sea routes with sudden changes like hurricanes, thaws, droughts of tributaries and many more. Unstable roads due to excessive rains or mudslides on roads. Not to mention the consequences in the aerial subject as tornados, bad weather, typhoons etc. Anyway, it’s a list that is not nice to mention but you can not get around either. Also the subject of external accidents and accidents can affect the good development of the transport of your cargo.

The responsibilities of carriers do not necessarily guarantee a total safeguard of the goods they transport, since the terms of disclaiming that they are covered cover them with well-shielded service contracts that avoid any type of losses for them in cases of accidents. And to tell the truth this is understood as it is an extremely complex and risky business. In such a case, therefore, it is better to take an adequate insurance package and minimize as much as possible the number of risks and losses that may affect the business.

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