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Inventory Management in Colon and Tocumen Free Zone

Palletizing, re-packaging, labeling, product storage, loading and unloading of goods, segregation by ordering orders according to customer’s request.

With a total area in Tocumen Load of 600 meters and a surface used for aerial load of 500 meters, 3 meters of height, accessibility to vehicles with marked parking for loading and unloading equipment, doors that open upwards (sliding gate), a Trolley with maximum weight 7 tons, a forklift of 15 tons and 3 forklift of 3 tons, 10 trucks, I pick up, alarm system closed circuit and with a system of sprinklers located strategically, allows to guarantee an optimal work to our customers.

We have more than 6000 mt2 of storage area in France Field Colon, with racks for optimum ordering of the goods, as well as the use of space. At the same time we have floor area if required. We propose both the ground floor and the first floor area, with a height of more than 4.5 meters to the central area, where it reaches 6.00 meters. The winery has 6 under-ramps for 20-, 40-foot (STD / HC) and 48-foot containers, electric lift, forklift and electronic weighing system. The CCTV system for the security of our warehouse allows us to have a constant control of the state of the load and the operations that are carried out in the entire storage area, both internally and externally, monitored from the offices Administrative and operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.